Millennials Should Move to Evansville!

EvansvillSmith Familye has been home to me and my family for 30 years.  I always (sadly) assumed both of my kids would move away.  My son, a PhD in electrical motors, logically, moved to the Motor City.  My daughter and her family chose to live here, however.   She is an RN, and could have moved anywhere to work, but she said this was a peaceful and easy place to live.

Apparently she is not alone.  Check out this article!  Our humble little city is getting more and more publicity as a great place to work and live.   The pressure to move to the coast can be strong but young people are looking for good job prospects, a reasonable cost of living, and a affordable housing. Evansville has it all!

If you know a millennial looking to get established in Evansville, ask them to call me!  I’d love to help them find a comfortable home at a comfortable price.