How Some Millennials Afford to Buy a House


Posted 2-12-19  How Some Millennials Afford to Buy a House

Millennials aren’t giving up the dream of owning a home.  They are just going about it a little differently than their parents!  And no, they aren’t dumpster diving to save on food costs.

Actually, I was impressed when I read that they consider being a landlord one way to achieve their goal of home ownership.   By purchasing multi-family properties (duplexes, etc.) the rent they collect covers their mortgage and expenses.  But, you have to be a landlord…something not everyone relishes!

They are also willing to buy fixer-uppers.  Perhaps the HGTV shows are spurring them on? Remodeling isn’t for the faint of heart. But if it’s the way to accomplish your objective, then you’ll learn to enjoy eating breakfast with the construction crew or (heaven forbid) you learn to take advice from your dad as you tackle the work yourself.

Click here for a quick read about Millennials and home buying.  It’s insightful whether you’re a Millennial or a beleaguered parent of a Millennial.