4 Reasons Why Winter Is a Great Time to Sell Your Home!


You may be cold, but the market is hot in the winter.

The Internet has no seasons.  Today’s buyers do the bulk of their home searches online, and that’s especially true when the weather outside is not so cheerful.  So, while spring is still the busiest home-buying season, serious home buyers are always checking out the latest listings, on the lookout for the home of their dreams.

The buyers are as serious about buying as you are about selling. Wintertime buyers are usually serious buyers.  Springtime sprouts buyers who have no timeline and want see dozens of houses, whereas winter buyers often have a motivating force behind them. They are looking to find the right house now. 

You face less competition for buyers.  There is usually 15% less competition on the market if you list your home during the winter!  Buyers have fewer homes to choose from, which means you could sell your house faster.    

You’re not competing with as many buyers for your next house.  If you’re selling your house because you’re looking to buy another, you have the benefit of less competition in the winter months when you’re the buyer.  And with fewer buyers competing against you, you are more likely to more successfully negotiate a contingency that your house sells before you’re obligated to buy.