Great Home Inspector Saved the Sale!

We almost lost a sale this week to a sump pump! If you’ve never been in a crawl space with a sump pump, it’s actually kinda interesting. But that’s not the point of this story.  My point today is to thank our great home inspector who went above and beyond, and helped me solve a problem for an anxious buyer client.


The quick story is that because of lousy weather, the contractors ran up to the day before the closing with the trenching in the crawl space and installation of a new sump pump.  My buyer, understandably, wanted to make sure the everything was OK before he signed the paperwork.  So, Damon Barnett, from Barnett Inspections, met me at 8:30 AM the morning of the closing to do the re-inspection.  He slid into the muddy window well and down into the crawl space, inspected the work, took pictures, and wriggled back out.  He quickly prepared a report, and he also joined me on a call with the buyer.  Damon reassured him and the sale was saved.  Thanks to Damon for the extra effort!

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