11 Renovations That Pay Off When You’re Selling

Let’s assume the furnace and AC in your house are in good condition, the roof is solid, and the windows go up and down.  In this situation, you have the luxury of thinking about cosmetic renovations that will increase your return on investment.   Here are the ones I would suggest:


  1. A fresh coat of neutral color paint in the main living areas.  Zillow says to paint the bathroom blue…but I’m not sold on that yet.
  2. Change the cabinet doors or paint the existing cabinet doors in the kitchen (update the hardware too).
  3. New light fixtures in the bathrooms and kitchen.
  4. Stone veneer countertops in the kitchen (a bit pricey but a super return on investment).
  5. New carpet in the main living areas and high traffic areas such as hallways to the bedrooms.  At a minimum, clean the carpets!
  6. Refinish wood floors in the main living areas.
  7. New garage door (or at least power wash it, along with any siding that has dirt or mold).
  8. Landscaping, even if it’s only trimming the hedge, planting some brightly colored flowers and adding some fresh mulch.
  9. Freshen up the basement, literally.  No one wants to smell a musty basement (reminds them of a horror movie).
  10. Remove wallpaper, particularly prints.
  11. Change the shower door or remove it completely and live on the edge!